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I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and bring to your attention to the conduct and professionalism that was rendered and demonstrated by Mark Patterson, Mark Burney, Richard Peters and Bruce Jeffrey during the four day adssignment in Portsmouth (ABN AMRO) under what can best be decsribed as being extremely sad and sensitive circumstances. More significantly, they carried out their duties in a manner which went beyond what was required of them in terms of the assistance that was given to ABN AMRO outside the security brief of the assignment.

More impressively, at such short notice, they were able to adapt with eas and enthusiasm in to a remit which they would not normally encounter or work in during the course of their duties. The level of gratitude that was expressed to me by Jaap Razenburg at the conclusion of our services was very pleasing. This was also expressed by many members of the crews families of bothe Boat One and Boat Two and support staff to our colleagues  on an individual basis. Their collective ad individual efforts enabled the families and crew member a degree of privacy in a safe and secure environment.

The same degree of security and privacy despite being in the public view was afforded to them dockside upon their arrival and departure to their hotel. The Press conference held was epeditied without incident or intrusion upon the crew of ABN AMRO 2.

I have already spoken to them on a one-to-one basis and would welcome the opportunity to work with all four of them again.


Stuart Dawson, Senior operations Executive

Showsec International


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